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Dear Dog Fans!

Dogs emerged thousands of years ago as so called hunters of prey. Their diet consisted of berries, herbs, grass, fish and insects, but their principal source of food was a variety of animals made up of not just meat but also bones, the bowels, humus, pre digested grass (plant food), fur etc. Dogs found in their natural state forage all the substances needed for a healthy life and development – unfortunately a fact often forgotten in the modern world.

How is this dog food created?
The idea originated from a veterinarian, a boarding kennels manager and dog breeder. They wanted to develop a as natural as possible dog food that at least contained the most important ingredients partly found in prey. We found the idea great and went along with it as we were utterly convinced that it was the appropriate concept.

Simple feeding:
Always remember to have a supply of fresh water available for your dog, including a clean feeding bowl with unmixed Markus-Mühle® as natural as possible dog food, and there you are!

Recommended feeding quantities:
Around 1.2 % of the body weight (a rule of thumb), e.g. a dog weighing 10 kg is to be fed about 120 g, while one the size of a Dachshund, a Cocker Spaniel and a German Shepherd may be served around 100, 180 and 420 g respectively. Start the first three days a little less until the dog gets used to the feed. For performance and breeding dogs, the quantity may be increased according to it’s needs. We do not use any artificial colouring or additives

Every dog is different! The best method is to fed the required quantity in the morning, increasing this the next morning if needed. It is important that the feeding bowl is empty, in which case you can increase the portion. It is not good to encourage your dog to eat everything from the feeding bowl at once. This is only recommended when you have a dog that will devour everything at once because it fears there will be nothing more. By nature a dog eats more than once a day and is not overweight as a result and it is healthier for the dog. With large dogs, the portion given only once a day will not be enough and the nutritional juices are not absorbed throughout the day.

A change in feed or additional feed is not necessary though there is nothing against a treat, for example, when it is offered a soft-boiled egg twice a week, a piece of meat, liver, real natural beef rib cartilage, fish (remove all bones and think of germs and bacteria, viruses etc.)., including once in a while, a piece of butter or sour cream, but no biscuits, sweets, chocolate nor similar items. Also do not feed your dog large amounts of starchy food e.g. bread, noodles, rolled oats etc. Long term studies by nutritionists have shown that with a single balanced diet additional feed and feed changes are not necessary, for reasons. of nutritional physiology. Small game animals still remain the best nutrition for a dog, but this cannot be practiced everywhere. That's why it is better for your dog to be fed the same food everyday so it is kept healthy,rather than being fed diffrent poor quality meals thus developing deficiency symptoms.

Markus-Mühle® as natural as possible contains all the dietary fibres important natural ingredients found in natural prey. Try it! Try nothing else for a month and you will be convinced of the excellent quality of our feed. The vitality and the good appearance of your dog will be proof - due to the as natural as possible composition contained in the feed. Animal nutrition experts have established that our complete dog food is rich in minerals and has the right balance of amino acids to cover your dog’s needs. Amino acids, contained in a variety of food in different quantities, constitute essential elements which are vital to life. They are classified under essential and non-essential acids. Essential amino acids are produced in the body during food intake. But the requirement for dogs is different to that for humans. Proper nutrients for dogs are contained in products such as meat, eggs ,fish etc. A balanced proportion of amino acids are of central importance to healthy nutrition.
Markus-Mühle® as natural as possible is specially produced in a pellet form because it supports teeth-cleaning, chewing and ensures sufficient saliva.

IT IS AGAINST NATURE TO SERVE YOUR DOG ONLY MASH BECAUSE IT USES ONLY THE TONGUE FOR IT! Many people forget that a dog also has a set of teeth.

As natural as possible feed for all breeds
is a high quality complete dog food for every dog due to its special and natural composition. This feed contains energy! It was developed by professionals, who are surrounded by dogs and they believed that dogs have a right to live a healthy life, too. An easily digestible energy value of 363kcal/100g is achieved without the addition of sugar and starch..
All solid ingredients are specially ground into meal! ! This guarantees a bio-natural presence in products, which ensures optimal quality in the mixing procedure as well as in cold pressing which has a soothing effect on vital substances.

28% dried poultry meal, thermally treated whole grain rice, thermally treated whole grain maize, 8% game tripe meal, rice germs, Jerusalem artichoke meal, 5% sea fish meal, dried Beet root meal, cold pressed linseed oil, cold pressed rapeseed oil, 2% egg yolk, dried peat, fruit powder (combination of carobs, pineapples, papayas, bananas, acerola cherries, apples, pears, blueberries, mangos, raspberries), dried herb mixture, salmon oil, algae meal, dried Mojave yucca.


Crude protein
25 %
Crude fat
10.5 %
Crude fibre
3.3 %
Crude ash
7 %
1.3 %
1.0 %
0.39 %
0.18 %
0.69 %
Iron / kg
200 mg

Nutritional- physiological- supplements per kg

Vitamins, pro-vitamins and substances with similar effects:

Vitamin A
10500 i.E.
Vitamin D³
1050 i.E.
Vitamin E
200 mg
Vitamin B1
as thiamine mononitrate
3.5 mg
Vitamin B2
as riboflavin
7.0 mg
Vitamin B6
as pyridoxine hydrochloride
4.2 mg
Vitamin B12
42 mcg
as D-(+)-Biotin
210 mcg
Folic acid
0.35 mg
21.0 mg
Vitamin C
as L-ascorbic acid
140 mg
Pantothenic acid
as calcium D-pantothenate
7.0 mg
Choline chloride
1050 mg

Trace elements

Cobalt as cobalt (II)
sulphate heptahydrate
1.0 mg
as manganese (II) oxide
48 mg
as copper (II) oxide
10 mg
as zinc oxide
65 mg
as calcium iodate
1.6 mg

Under normal conditions, a dog can itself synthesize enough vitamin C. Our special manufacturing process ensures stabilization of food fat and serves as reserve in times of stress and during infection.

Dear dog breeders !
Before we started marketing our products we fed a number of dogs just Markus-Mühle® as natural as possible for a lengthy period of time, which produced best results! Numerous breeders have already shown us their gratitude for their bitches whelping healthy puppies after changing to Markus Muehle dog food and then winning valuable prizes later on.

Is human nutrition suitable for dogs?
Though humans and dogs are friends both have very different digestive systems. This explains everything. Nobody would ever think of eating raw green-coloured unwashed bowels (something very good for a dog) or of feeding a cow a pork roast. Most people appear to have forgotten that dogs emerged as predators. Feeding a dog just left overs and lots of wheat products sooner or later leads to nutrition problems. The bad thing about this is that they are often recognised too late. The first signs of this appears when the dog starts developing dandruff or starts shedding it’s coat all year round. The normal time for a dog to shed it’s coat occurs in spring and autumn.

Is a dog carnivorous?
Most people think that this is true and feed their dogs only meat. But this leads to deficiency symptoms and metabolic problems. The " meat only syndrome" is removed when nutrition becomes more varied, contains sufficient dietary fibres (e.g. raw fiber) and its composition is adjusted to the dogs needs. Many problems like constipation, heart and circulation dysfunction, kidney stones, intestinal disruption are often blamed on fibre insufficiency. Fibres speed up the passage of food through the intestines, reversing putrefaction build-up. Thus, fibres are capable of absorbing poisonous (toxic) intestinal bacteria as metabolic material.

Dear garden lovers!
Markus-Mühle® as natural as possible contains no damaging preservatives or artificial colouring. That is why you don’t need to throw away your dog’s excrement in the bin. Disposing of it in your compost will produce an excellent fertiliser and compost starter.

Markus-Mühle® as natural as possible is available in:
1.5 kg, 5 kg and 15 kg sacks

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